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You can trust us

We understand that by booking direct with us, you are putting your trust in us to deliver you the best experience, not just during your stay at Haus Schneeberg, but from the moment you land on our website, until you arrive back at home following your stay with us.

We hope that the infomation below helps to deliver that trust, and gives you the confidence to book direct with us, which will save you money, and give you an even better overall experience!

See more about each area below:

  1. Our credentials
  2. Current entry requirements and restrictions due to Covid 19
  3. New Cleaning regime
  4. New worry free cancellation policy
  5. Other corona virus measures in place in resort

Our Credentials

We have been running Haus Schneeberg since the beginning of 2013, and so we know the area extremely well.  We have many repeat guests, some have been visiting us for 7 years now!.  You can find our more about us here.

We offer payment by credit card, or bank transfer – whichever payment method suits you best, and we guarantee that you will get the best price by booking with us direct, and of course the best service!  You can find out more about the #bookdirect movement and the benefits of booking direct here.

Our guests love it here – you can see all of our reviews here.  We are Superhosts, and have been for over 3 years now, and have high review scores on all of the booking portals we are present on.  During the corona virus pandemic, we have been praised by our customers for how quickly we organised refunds and / or moving dates to ensure the process was smooth, quick and worry free.

We are present on social media on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.  You can follow us and see everything going on in the area by clicking the links in the footer at the bottom of the page!

We suggest you sign up for our newsletter to get the lastest updates and news.  When you sign up, you also get a promo code that you can use for your next stay with us. You can sign up in the footer at the bottom of the page.

Current entry requirements to Austria

  • From the 19th May, you will require a “3G Green Pass” in order to enter Austria.  Please check current updates for whether the country you are arriving from is not classed as a risk country – in this case, the entry requirements may be different.

A Green Pass is an EU Digital Covid certificate if entering from the EU: 

  • Fully vaccinated, which is defined as follows:

a) second vaccination not more than 360 days ago, with at least 14 days between 1 and second vaccination or
b) 21 days have passed after a vaccination which requires only one dose (Johnson & Johnson), which is not older than 270 days or
c) vaccination, provided that there was a positive molecular biological test for SARS-CoV-2 at least 21 days before or proof of neutralizing antibodies before the vaccination, whereby the vaccination must not be more than 360 days ago or
d) further vaccination, not older than 360 days; at least 120 days must have passed between this vaccination and a vaccination according to the points a, b or c.

  • Evidence of recovery from a covid 19 infection over the past 180 days.
  • You have a negative covid test result – pcr up to 72 hours old, antigen test, up to 48 hours old 

Everyone from the age of 12 needs a Green Pass. 

Note that quarantine may be necessary, depending on where you are entering from – for more information, click on the current entry restirctions to Austria below

If entering from outside the EU, we recommend you check on the ReopenEU website 

If entering Austria from the UK, we recommend you check the Austrian Embassy in London website 

Entry requirements once in Austria

Entry requirements to accommodation, restaurants, shops, events, night clubs, ski lifts, are changing frequently, based on utilisation of intensive care beds in hospital.  Please check the government websites for the most recent updates before you book and before you travel to ensure travel is possible.

Austria is in a full lockdown from 21st November – 12th December 2021.  During this period, we are open, but to business guests only.  A 2G proof is required.

From 13th December 2021, Austria is open to those with a 2G evidence (fully vaccinated, or recovered) for entrance to bars, restaurants, accommodation, night clubs, ski lifts, and events over 26 people.  

All “G” access is required from age of 12 years old.

2G access definition:

Vaccinated  – Valid for nine months after the 2nd vaccination, after which a 3rd dose is required for a valid certificate, transition period of three weeks.  For Janssen vaccinated persons, a second dose is required from 03/01/2022.

Recovered – PCR positive test certificate valid for up to 180 days

Therefore, we can not allow entry to anyone that does not have a valid 2G pass for every member of their group / family, age 12 or over, that will be staying with us.


Check in

Once you arrive, we will greet you personally, and show you to your apartment.  Unfortunately we are unable to shake your hand to greet you.  Masks are required to enter accommodation.  We suggest that it is best if just one person enters the apartment initially.

Contactless check in is possible if you prefer this – please let us know and we can provide a code for you to enter the property

Hand sanitiser is available for you at the front door.  Please use this to protect yourselves and other guests.

New Cleaning Regime

In light of the Corona Virus outbreak, we have updated our cleaning regime to include the following:

  • Sanitise all keys on departure
  • Steam cleaning of all soft furnishings, followed by a disinfectant spray
  • Clean all hard surfaces, and then sanitise with disinfectant
  • Sanitise all common contact points daily with disinfectant eg light switches, door handles
  • Plus the normal cleaning regime, that guests score us very highly on!

Corona Cancellation Policy

We offer a worry free cancellation policy for those that book direct with us- we offer refunds in case of government travel warnings, and lockdowns!

Our revised Corona policy for bookings from 16th May 2021

  • Deposit of 30% payable on booking to secure the booking
  • €25 of deposit is an admin fee, and is non refundable, remainder of deposit is refundable up to 30 days before arrival
  • Balance due 7 days before arrival
  • Free cancellation up to 7 days before arrival in case of government travel warning / lockdown due to corona virus
  • Free change of dates / voucher if you need to cancel less than 7 days before arrival due to a government travel warning / lockdown due to corona virus
  • Opportunity to purchase travel cancellation insurance in case of corona virus or any other illness – cost starts at 5% of your holiday price.  For more information, see the links below

In light of the Corona Virus Outbreak, and the potential ongoing uncertainty, we have adjusted out cancellation policies going forward.

Please note that if you, or one of your party, does not want to travel for any reason, or cannot travel due to any illness, or from contracting corona virus, or having to quarantine due to being in contact with someone with corona virus, or are unable to stay due to your vaccination / covid status, you will not be entitled to a refund.

We recommend you take out cancellation travel insurance to cover you for this, and details on  suggested travel insurance, that costs from as little as 5% of your stay, are below.

This insurance does offer cancellation cover in case of you needing to cancel due to specific instances for corona virus, including contracting corona virus before travel, or having symptoms before travel.  Please make sure you read and understand the policy in full before committing, and make sure the policy is correct for you.  You are insured immediately if you take the insurance out within 3 days of making a booking with us.  If you take the policy out more than 3 days after booking, you are covered from 10 days after signing the policy.  Please note that the policy is with Europaeische Reiseversicherung, and not with ourselves, and any claims should be directly with the insurance company.  

Click these links for detail of travel insurance for Plus cancellation insurance and for Premium Cancellation insurance in English, and the link to get a quote and book travel insurance in English is here

Click these links for detail of travel insurance for Plus cancellation insurance and for Premium Cancellation insurance in German, and the link to get a quote and book travel insurance in German is here

If the current restrictions are extended further, we will continue to review our policy in line.  If you do have any concerns, please contact us


Please note that if you book with an online travel agent, their cancellation policy will apply

Scroll down below to see detail of any in resort restrictions!

Cancellation Policy

The applicable cancellation policy depends on when you booked, and is stated on your reservation. Applicable for direct bookings only

Cancellation terms for bookings from 16th May 2021


Deposit of 30% required to secure booking

€25 non refundable, balance refundable up to 30 days before arrival

Balance due 7 days before arrival

Refunds available for corona virus travel warnings / lockdowns

Free change of dates / voucher if you need to cancel less than 7 days before arrvial due to a government travel warning

Other measures in place due to Corona Virus

From 1st July 2021, there are still some measures still in place in Austria that you do need to take note of and adhere to:

  • There is still the need to remain at least 1m from others not in your household, including us!
  • We are not allowed to shake your hand on arrival or departure unfortunately
  • There is disinfectant outside the house to disinfect your hands prior to entry – please use this!
  • Please ensure you continue to wash your hands regularly, particularly on entry into your apartment
  • Please bring a FFP2 mask with you  – currently needed on public transport, including mountain lifts, and shops.
  • You will need a Green Pass to enter the swimming pool.
  • Restaurants bars, and night clubs are all open, but are subject to entrance restrictions (eg 2G) 
  • If you develop covid symptoms before you travel, please do not leave home, but organise a test .
  • If you develop symptoms whilst here, please let us know, and call 1450 to organise a covid test.  You should consider leaving as soon as possible if you are able to travel.
  • Ski Amade have recently released the new measures for the winter season – for the new measures click here 

We hope that this has given you the trust to book your stay with us at Haus Schneeberg, and we look forward to welcoming you soon!